Player Development PROGRAM SCHEDULE


Beginning April 1, 2019, Mike Allen Sports is pleased to offer online registration for Player Development and Shooting Machine training sessions!

The Player Development Program is for players to continue developing their skills, with the goal of improving upon the following areas: Basketball IQ, Strength & Conditioning, Ball-Handling, & Shooting. If you have not yet subscribed to a Player Development Program, please purchase your monthly subscription or session pass, prior to registering for a training session.

Use the calendar below to register for available training sessions

Mondays/Wednesdays - Shooting Machine
Tuesdays/Thursdays - Player Development
Sundays - Shooting Machine/Player Development Combo

Upcoming classes are available beginning 2 days in the future. Spaces must be reserved within 6 hours of the session start time. To reserve a space, use the calendar below to select an available class and register for your space. Sessions are limited to 15 players