Shooting Machine Workout Program (Monthly Subscription)

Shooting Machine Workout Program (Monthly Subscription)

from 159.00 every month

The Gun *(Shooting Machine Workout Program) Workouts on the Gun 8000 and Dr Dish All Star (Shooting Machine) Dr Dish All Star. Players will shoot over 800+ shots in 1 hour. With 2 Shooting Machines available between two locations we are able to accommodate full teams whether it is NJB, Boys & Girls Clubs, AAU, or school teams.

These workouts are intense but players will come away with an increased awareness of shooting on the move, improving shot speed, shooting footwork, correcting players form and other shooting ailments at multiple spots on the court. Be apart of the 45%, 50%, & 60% Shooting Club as you climb to the top of your shooting IQ.

Lead Trainers

Chris Cotton, Lira Ndifon & Luis Plascencia

Training Center Location

MAS Skills Center - 2230 Will Wool Drive, San Jose, CA 95112

Training Dates

Mondays and Thursdays
Players must register for each training session. Please review Training Schedule and Register Instructions for information on session times and registration instructions.

Choose from Three Monthly Subscription Levels

1X - Access to 1 Shooting Machine Session per week $159/month
2X - Access to 2 Shooting Machine Sessions per week $179/month
3X - Access to 3 Shooting Machine Sessions per week. Also includes Player Accountability Shooting Workout Packet. $199/month

Note: ALL Players must attend their scheduled day for training. Players/Parents will need to Check-In no later than 12PM the day they would attend training in order to receive a time, spots will be limited to 12 players max per session

No Refunds.

Monthly Subscription: